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The High Cost Of DWI/DUI

A single drunk driving accusation has serious costs. There are fines, fees and increased insurance rates, but there are long-term issues that affect anyone with a criminal offense on your record. It can hurt your ability to get a new job, cost a professional license and even send you to jail. You’re also likely to have your license suspended.

Timing Is Essential — Act Now To Protect Your Rights.

Whether you’ve been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, attorney Steven D. McFadgen, Sr., can help your case. There are many administrative deadlines, which is why it’s important to contact us as soon as possible after the offense. If you face charges for a first-time offense or a repeat or felony DWI/DUI, we can help you defend your name and protect your record. There is a lot at stake when accused of driving under the influence.

If you’ve been pulled over, contact the law firm of Steven D. McFadgen, Sr. Counselor & Attorney At Law as soon as possible to protect your rights and driving privileges.

Taking Concrete Steps To Fight For You

Mr. McFadgen will review your case thoroughly from the outset. There are areas where police error can lead to dismissal or reduced charges. He’ll examine the legal justification for pulling you over, the method of sobriety testing and other factors to make sure your rights were upheld throughout the process. He will also seek to reinstate your driving privileges as soon as possible.

Call Us For Experienced Counsel

Steven D. McFadgen, Sr., is a Lynchburg DWI lawyer with experience across the state of Virginia. He’s traveled the state’s highways and back roads and, as a traffic defense attorney, he knows that there are two sides to every story. When you work with him, you’ll get a hardworking, dedicated lawyer who answers your calls and works directly with you. He fights for your rights and your future. Call 434-338-6983 or send a message through this website for a free consultation. Virtual consultations are also available from the privacy of your home.