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A General Practice Legal Firm For Virginians Standing Strong To Defend Your Rights

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Frequently Asked Questions After An Arrest

Am I Going To Jail?

It depends on whether you are convicted of the crime charges and how the judge sentences the penalties for the crime. The Virginia criminal code governs the penalties by “classes” or types of crimes, but not every conviction is subject to confinement in jail or prison. Some crimes have a mandatory minimum sentence of incarceration, while other penalties may be commuted for sentences of probation or alternative community service or rehabilitation programs. Because the penalties vary widely for convictions of misdemeanors and felonies, it is best to seek the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest.

Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

Many people feel they have seen enough television and courtroom-based movies to defend themselves properly. Movies and TV may make defending yourself seem simple, but the process is anything but simple. The Virginia criminal justice system is complex. The various penalties for crimes are nuanced. Even a traffic ticket can benefit from the scrutiny of an attorney.

No amount of television drama is going to replace the solid representation of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows how to protect your rights to fair justice in Virginia’s criminal courts.

Doesn’t The State Provide A Lawyer For Me?

While everyone has a right to legal representation in court, the court only appoints a public defender for someone who is contending with crime charges that could be punishable by imprisonment or loss of their parental rights and cannot afford a lawyer. The person needs to complete an application and interview with the state to prove that paying for the services of a lawyer would cause undue hardship for themselves or their family.

How Am I Going To Pay For A Lawyer?

An experienced criminal defense lawyer will discuss your options with you. When the stakes are high, considering the potential loss of professional or social reputation, freedom to choose where to live or to work, many people realize they have resources to invest in protecting their future.

 How Can I Contact An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Steven D. McFadgen, Sr. Counselor & Attorney At Law, is here to answer your questions and provide a tough defense for the allegations you are facing. Call the office in Lynchburg at 434-338-6983 or send an email. Virtual consultations are also available from the privacy of your home. Attorney McFadgen will fight the charges you face. He works hard to protect your rights and to get the charges dismissed or penalties minimized.