The Cost Of Traffic Tickets

A small traffic infraction can have big costs. Violations range from simple speeding tickets and fines to reckless driving charges that go on your criminal record. In Virginia, reckless driving is a misdemeanor that can send you to jail. Other traffic tickets can take points away from your state driver's license and increase your premiums, costing you additional money.

If you've been pulled over, call us as soon as possible — your rights are on the line.

Understanding Your Options

If you've been pulled over, you should always exercise your rights. Don't say anything to the police that might be used against you later on. Be respectful to the officer but hold your ground. Though driving is a privilege that can be revoked, you have the right to due process – even if it feels like you've been caught red-handed.

Our firm will fight to protect your rights and your record. We will investigate your incident, from the traffic citation itself to the reason that you were pulled over. We will represent you in court and negotiate on your behalf to seek the best solution to a ticket.

Steven D. McFadgen, Sr., is an independent lawyer who has helped drivers across the state, including travelers passing through on I-81, I-95 or busy highways like 29 and 460. He'll work with you, guiding you through the process and letting you know the different options for your particular case.

Call Us For A Courtroom Advocate

To speak with us about a Virginia traffic violation, call our office in Lynchburg at 434-338-6983. We're a hardworking firm dedicated to advocating for our clients and providing personal legal counsel for any situation from running a stop sign to DWI/DUI and license suspensions. Email us to see if we can help protect your driving record.